Stop Bullying!

SchoolPointe provides a Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying Reporting Tool (HIB) that allows users to submit information on any incidents or potential issues. 


Administration can utilize this tool to investigate into any bullying incidents pertaining to their students. Users can submit anonymously but still have the IP address tracked if ever needed. 

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Provide your community online access to report incidents to keep your students safe!
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Protect students in school and online by utilizing our reporting tool!

Speak Up: On The Go!

SchoolPointe web hosting services are fully responsive, so users can access the website on any device with no problem! 

This is especially beneficial if an incident occurs where computers aren't available. Information can be uploaded from the user's mobile device to make sure no bullying acts go unnoticed or forgotten. 

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Report Online

Report incidents of bullying or misconduct from your mobile device or computers. Our online reporting tool allows real time reporting and accurate note taking through the investigation process.

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SchoolPointe Fights Bullying 

Our CMS contains built-in features that allow user friendly opportunity for anyone to submit reporting to keep your school safe! There is an option to remain anonymous when reporting to protect identity. But we always track IP addresses for that record keeping. 

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Safety First!

With this module, your school can keep track of incidents and patterns to crack down on existing problems and prevent future concerns. Our product is built to provide fluid communication from the public to the school, to ensure safer precautions.