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Now is the time for Sendit!

In times of crisis and emergency, quickly communicating the necessary information to your students, parents and teachers is the top priority.

Sendit has a streamlined approach for sending out mass notifications.

Times are changing and now is the time to make sure your school district has the necessary tools to communicate effectively with their students, parents and staff.

With SendIt, you can create content and publish across all channels instantly. You can also create alerts such as school closings and emergencies. With one click, you are saving time and creating consistent contact for your audience. SendIt issues fast, multi-channel notifications that allows you to send messages across many different platforms.

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communication made easy!

  • Send text alerts instantly to your audience.
  • Notify your schools via email with just one click.
  • Using your app, send school closings and other alerts immediately.
  • Sending alerts through your SchoolPointe website is just one button away!
  • Make your notification the first thing your school sees when they come to your website.